iPhone Dev免费软件破解教程(中英均有)

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  Preliminary Steps: 第一步* Have the system restored with 1.02. 恢复系统至1.02

  Lets Start

* Connect your iPhone via USB Cable to your computer 通过USB接线连接你的iphone到电脑* Ignore and shut down iTunes 关闭ITUNES包括进程

  MAC: The following tasks involve using iNdependence.    MAC机主需要使用INdependence

  PC: The following tasks involve using iBrickr     PC机主需要使用iBrickr* Jailbreak your iPhone using iNdependence or Brickr      激活你的iphone 使用INdependence 或者iBrickr

* Activate your iPhone using iNdependence or Brickr (or Iasign for PC)  PC机主使用iAsign

* Install SSH using iNdependence or Brickr    安装SSH


* Now we want to copy the files from the Required Files folder 现在需要复制文件到所在文件夹

* Copy the Files to your desktop. 下载文件后到桌面Use an SFTP client  使用SFTP客户端(估计就是winscp之类的)Mac: I used fetch to connect to your iPhone. - Some people are having problems with fetch. I will investigate and update soon.

  PC: Use WinSCP    使用WINSCP

* Make a new connection using your iphones ip and the login: root and pass: dottie 设置winscp以及iphone的登陆用户名:root,密码:dottie

* Specify the path as /usr/bin 转到/usr/bin文件夹

* If you can't directly connect to the /usr/bin directory try locate it in your Sftp client.如果你无法找到文件夹请重新再试

* Copy (drag from your computer to ipod dir screen) the files across and specify that they are all 0755 permissions. 复制你的文件至/usr/bin更改权限至755

  SSH Connection:

  MAC: Open Terminal (on mac) and type in: "ssh -l root xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" (The xxx's are your iphones ip address - dont type the "") MAC机主 在mac上打开终端然后输入:ssh-I root XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (XXX为你iphone的ip地址,请勿输入引号)

  PC: Open Putty and type in your ip of your iphone and hit connect 打开Putty 然后输入你的iphone的ip地址 点击连接

  PC: You will be asked for a login: root and a password dottie winscp登陆

  MAC: You should be asked for a password, enter dottie MAC机主登陆密码:dottie

  MAC: Now at the prompt type launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist NOTE if this didn't work, just do the PC method directly below.  正确输入上传命令 launchctl unload -w/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist

  PC : This bit didnt work for me, the unload of the commcenter so I went into my SFTP client, navigated to the LaunchDaemons directory and just copied the commcenter file to my desktop, then deleted it from the iphone

* Type mkdir -p /usr/local/etc and hit enter.  打开运行  输入  mkdir -p /usr/local/etc 按回车

* Your folder to save minicom data is now prepared. 储存minicom数据的文件夹已经准备就绪

* Type in: minicom -s and hit enter 输入minicom -s 回车

* Navigate with the arrow keys down to Change serial and press enter 按箭头指示下拉菜单然后回车

* Press A 按A键

* Press delete until all you are left with is /dev/ 按键盘delete直到你看到 /dev/文件夹

* Type in tty.baseband (it should now look like /dev/tty.baseband) 输入 tty.baseband 你的命令符应该是/dev/tty.baseband

* Press Enter 回车

* Press ESC 按键盘ESC

* Navigate down to exit and hit Enter 离开后按回车

* Type in AT and hit enter. You should see it say OK. 输入 AT回车,系统回应OK

* Hold Control and press A. Let go of the buttons and Then press X. It will ask if you wish to exit. Hit enter. 按住键盘CTRL然后按A,放开后按住X,系统会问你是否离开,按回车

  iEraser Time:* Type in cd /usr/bin and hit Enter 命令端输入  cd /usr/bin回车* Type in iunlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor and hit enter. It should complete after a little while. 输入 iunlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor 回车 需要一段时间* Type minicom and hit enter 输入 minicom回车 会发现如下数据AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &c1 E1 Q0 AT+CLCK="PN",0,"00000000"AT+CLCK="PN",2  The iphone has now been software unlocked 恭喜你,你的iphone全部解锁


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